Chantilly Choir - Choral Uniforms

The boosters will coordinate orders for most of the items below during the first month of school. Additional props and accessories will be discussed as needed.

Chamber Chorale
Women's Choir
Men's Choir


If you have any questions, please e-mail the Choral VP.


Chantilly High School will provide tops / blouses, dresses and skirts.

All the items below should be ordered through the boosters except for the make up kit.*

Concert Choirs

Show Choirs

- Black Character Shoes (low heel)
- Jewelry

- Tan Character Shoes (low heel)
- Bloomer (color to match uniform)
- Earrings
-Make up kit*

* Please purchase kit items before school starts.



Chantilly High School will provide Tuxedo jackets, white shirt, tuxedo pants, cummerbund, and tie. The boosters will not coordinate the order of the items below. Please purchase before school starts.

All Choirs

- Black Dress Shoes (click for ordering instructions)
- Black Dress Socks (many pairs)