Chantilly Choir - Student Recognition

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During the school year students will have numerous opportunities to work toward earning special recognition for individual service and achievement in the area of choral music and the performing arts. The following briefly outlines just a few of the many ways that a student may be recognized.

A Choral Music Letter is a cloth appliqué that is awarded to students for outstanding achievement as a member of the choral music department. These letters may be applied to a jacket, sweater, or mounted and framed for display.

A Choral Music Bar is awarded each year to a student who has already earned a music letter and continues to achieve the point status designated by the program. Music Bars are metal pins that may be attached directly to the music letter.

At the end of each school year, a choral music student may apply - in writing - for a Choral Music Letter. Applications are given directly to their individual choral music teacher for consideration by the first school day in June every year.

The letter and bar system designates specific points for years of participation, academic achievement, district and state participation, service to the department, and other documented musical experiences.

In this system, a student must earn a minimum of 50 points and final approval of the directors in order to receive a music letter or bar.

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District and State Pins/Medallions:

During the course of every school year students actively enrolled in a school choral music program are eligible to participate in numerous district and state-sponsored music activities. Students who are successful and complete all requirements of these programs often receive Pins or Medallions that designate the specific event and/or achievement. The items may also be worn or duly displayed as the recipient sees fit.

Other Awards:

It is our hope that all students will have a rewarding experience in the choral music program of Chantilly High School. We as teachers also hope that we recognize and praise students as often as possible for positive participation and personal achievement.

There are several individual recognition awards presented each year to students who surpass all expectations, goals, and requirements, who achieve at the highest academic standards, and who serve above the call of duty. Often these students have had a positive impact on the choral program and made a strong and lasting impression among their peers and those in our community. Therefore, at the end of the school year, departmental and school-wide achievement awards are presented to individual students who meet these stringent criteria. In some cases, student who will continue the study of music at the collegiate level may receive scholarships. The Chantilly Music Boosters are among the organizations that award such monetary gifts each year.